Understanding Safety Showers, Eyewash Stations, and Their Functions

In any workplace environment where hazardous materials are handled, safety is paramount. Safety showers and eyewash stations are crucial components of emergency response systems designed to protect workers from chemical exposure and eye injuries. Let's delve into what these safety devices are and how they function.

Purpose of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations

Safety Showers:
A safety shower, also known as a deluge shower, is designed to quickly drench the entire body in water in the event of chemical spills or splashes. The purpose is to dilute and wash away hazardous substances from the skin to minimize the extent of chemical burns or injuries.

Eyewash Stations:
Eyewash stations are specifically designed to rinse the eyes when they come into contact with chemicals, debris, or other foreign materials. They provide a gentle stream of water to flush out contaminants and irritants from the eyes, helping to prevent further damage and discomfort.

What is an Eye/Face Wash Unit and how does it differ from an Eyewash Station?

An eye/face wash unit is similar to Eyewash unit however it has additional two jets on each side of the face. This enables a soft cleansing of the eyes as well as the face. It can be used with and without a sink and is usually operated by a hand or foot lever.

Australian Standards for Safety Showers and Eyewash Stations

In Australia, safety showers and eyewash stations must adhere to stringent standards outlined in AS4775 – Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. This standard specifies requirements for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of emergency eyewash and shower equipment to ensure their effectiveness in emergency situations.

According to AS4775, safety showers and eyewash stations must be easily accessible, clearly identified with signage, and capable of delivering a continuous flow of tepid water at specific temperature and pressure levels. Additionally, they must be installed within a designated response time from areas where hazardous materials are handled to ensure prompt access in the event of an emergency.

Click the following link to view more about the height and spray pattern requirements for safety showers in accordance with Australian Standard AS4775.


Safety showers and eyewash stations play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of workers in environments where chemical exposure is a risk. By providing immediate access to emergency rinsing and decontamination, these devices help minimize the severity of injuries and contribute to a safer workplace environment.

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Remember, in the event of a chemical exposure or eye injury, prompt action is crucial. Ensure that safety showers and eyewash stations are properly maintained and readily available to protect yourself and others from harm.

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