Air Horn Rechargeable

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Rechargeable Air Horn complete with pump

Never buy another expensive refill again

  • Rechargeable alloy signal air horn
  • Use plain normal air (not gas)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Mini air pump comes with 2 interchangeable valves for adaptability
  • Use caution - emits a powerful blast up to 115dB
  • Lightweight sturdy canister
  • Ideal for any environment needing an excellent solid blast of noise

A crucial bit of Safety Equipment to keep your workers and worksite safe is the ECOBLAST rechargeable Air Horn. The rechargeable ECO Blast airhorn is manufactured in Canada and is renown throughout the globe as a quick, reliable and reusable means of alerting personnel, vessels and vehicles of an emergency situation.

The ECO Blast airhorn emits a powerful blast up to 115 dB. Once the cannister is expended, it can quick and easily be pumped up. (Just like a bicycle tyre). The pump also comes with two valve configurations to enable it to be multipurpose.

The ECO Blast airhorn has proven useful on worksites through the globe for the following situations. They are used for communication between crane operators and dogmen, ground support crew and plant operators. The airhorns are also used for emergency evacuation notification for a worksite and school.

Numerous schools use these rechargeable airhorns to conduct races at athletic carnivals.

On NSW marine vessels like powerboats and sailing boats, a sound signal must be carried at all times.  This Sound Signal can be an airhorn, whistle or bell to attract attention or alert other vessels of your location. 

The ECOBlast rechargeable Air Horn can be used for a wide variety of purposes from site safety to site administration, when you need to communicate a loud clear sound over a large distance, loud noise or large number of people.

Don’t waste another disposable airhorn again.


Air Horn Rechargeable

Customer Reviews

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Colin Gray
Air Horn Rechargable

The Air Horn gives out a crisp warning sound,to alert others in regards to surroundings.

Stephen Jones

exactly what I was looking for

Con Lappas

Easy to do business with.

Joanne Robinson

Fantastic horn. Easy to use and very loud. Does the job.

Sam Davis

Fantastic product, very loud

Sam Davis

Good communication, good service

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