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Detachable hard hat brim plastic/polyester

Very good product. Very well made. Good fitting. Would recommend.

Eye wash bottle

Arrived early, well packed, a handy and practical item for the first aid box.

Premium fabric strips

They are the best I've ever used

works very well

We got there eventually

After sending the wrong item .Couldn't be happier with the service and speed of response

Feeling very safe in these gloves

Great protection but still comfort and flexibility.

Timely jacket

Perfect for the wet season on a scooter, just what I needed

Rain Coat PVC Full Length
Mario Sanfilippo
Rain coat full length

I am very satisfied with the quality of the coat and the price is good too. I do recommend it.

No more steps.

Ideal ramp to avoid those nasty steps, especially in the dark. Make entry and exit much safer for all concerned.


Quick delivery and competitive price for the same product as other stores.

Arrived promptly and well packed, good product.

Product is a well made, solid product that offers excellent protection. Big Safety delivered promptly as usual.

Big Service for little price

Excellent service excellent item excellent pricing happy to have found this shop

Hi Andrea, Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like your apron. Have fun with your projects. Kind Regards, Todd

Why the excess packaging?

I have bought this product in the past, they came loose in a dome shaped container - perfect. Now they come packaged in pairs in a plastic sleeve. Why? If your answer is ‘that’s how the manufacturer supplies them”. Don’t bother telling me that. All this extra plastic does not help reduce the amount of waste plastic damaging the oceans and the environment. I will only buy them again if they come loose in a container.

Hi John, Thank you for your feedback. There are three types of product with a similar description. Previously you have purchased either the Handy Pack or the 500 pair dispenser refill pack These are used for either an individual or a Dispenser refill, so all of the plugs are just loose as individuals. The box you purchased this time come as Pairs packaged in individual poly bags. This is used for a communal work environment where you have a collection of workers all grabbing in the box for a pair. Therefore if it is just yourself touching the plugs I suggest ordering either of the following:- or the 500 pair dispenser refill pack in future. Appreciate your feedback though as it was a good question.

Fast service

Easy and fast service

V6 Vented Hard Hat
Konur Yavuz
very good 😀

i like it 😀



Poly Cotton Sun Hat
janette williams

Parcel was received within a few days
Many thanks

Safe from the sun this year

Welders Jacket
Clint Hannay

Good quality for the price

Fantastic item

Great fit . Awesome quality


Disposable gloves. Exactly what I need it. I’m very glad! Thanks

Eyewash bottle

Fast and great service

good quality - does the job

Dealing with this company was great - updated info for tracking fast delivery