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Back Support Belt
Bernard Oja

The item never receive, no tracking number
No confirmation if the item been sent nothing I want a full refund

Interlock cotton gloves

Fantastic. They are great.would recommend them to anyone.

Rain Coat PVC Full Length

The rain coat is definitely water proof. So it does what it is meant to. Unfortunately it has raglan type sleeves instead of regular. I didn't notice this on the picture of it on the website when I bought it. But I have since zoomed the picture and it definitely shows raglan set sleeves. This makes it very uncomfortable to wear. As it doesn't sit properly on the shoulder or top of my arm. The sleeve comes from the neck line instead of the shoulder arm line. Very uncomfortable.

Welders Sleeve
Pat MacRae
Welders Sleeves

I use these to wear when working in the garden specifically tending bromilliads with prickly leaves. I am so happy to be working in comfort and taking them off and finding undamaged arms.

Rain Coat PVC Full Length
Tawhiri Barrett

Rain Coat PVC Full Length

Rain Coat PVC Full Length

MSDS Folder
Peter Dane


4900 Series Supa-Vu Goggles Clear

Over and above 5 stars

A great business in definite today in my eye as being able to reach out of the automated response BS and provide personal service Big Safety did that for me and my Lab certification was complete with your products and great service. thanks Pj - ‘my handy hub’

The real thing!

Delighted to be able to purchase this a gift for my son who is always climbing in and out of boats to conduct repair work. Perfect!!

Apron Proban Flame Retardant
Nicholas Fitzgerald

Apron Proban Flame Retardant

3M - Peltor X5A Earmuffs 35dB

3700 Series Scope Goggles Clear

orange pvc bunting

have not used yet
expected an invoice that was to be sent to the mailing address - did not arrive

Hard hat

2 thumbs up

Air Horn Rechargeable
Stephen Jones

exactly what I was looking for

Snoring be gone!

Snoring? What snoring?
Best snore-busters around.

Great Product!

Thanks for your Feedback Ray.

Great Product!

I tried to buy a raincoat locally to no avail, on finding BIG SAFETY had them I purchased one online had a reply confirmation the same day followed by the despatch advice and receipt of the coat 10 days later not bad considering I am in Western Australia.

Back Support Belt
David Fearnside

turned up on time..correct product

the best fabric strips you can purchase

prompt service and excellent packaging

Back Support Belt
Velu Vijayapalan

Last item is only two weeks old. Therefore, I will have to give a few months to assess the quality and durability of the product.

Back Support Belt
Velu Vijayapalan

Last order and then the delivery of the item was prompt, and I am impressed

Great Price, quality was excellent and delivery was quick