Just wanted to show you this quick video on the Justrite Smokers Ceasefire. This video explains how the unit extinguishes the cigarette, as well as showing the features and benefits of the unit. Here are the top 5 benefits of using the Justrite Smokers Ceasefire:

1. The Ceasefire is available in 5 different colours to stylishly blend into the environment. It looks a lot better than the old open ashtray at the front of the building that is full with floating cigarette butts and rubbish. Or even worse just stubbed out cigarettes in the garden or footpath.

2. This unit self extinguishes the cigarette eliminating the risk of fire.

3. Weatherproof, will not blow around in the wind, spill its contents or be filled with water.

4. The unit will not mark the floor/pavement with burnt charring/scald marks.

5. The unit can be secured to its nearby surroundings preventing theft, which saves your company money. So check out the video below (2.24 min) to make your workplace a safer better looking place to work.