A lot of worksites operate out of the back of a ute, yet still need the necessary safety precautions to keep their workers safe. For this reason, Speakman Safety showers have a range of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewash units that can be used when you don’t have the benefit of a plumbed water source.

Above is a video of the Speakman Gravity Flo Portable eyewash unit. (American unit displayed), however I thought it worthwhile to show the features and how the mechanics work, which are the same as the SE4000 Speakman Gravity Flo Portable eyewash unit supplied in Australia.

Click here to view our full range of portable Emergency Safety Showers and Eyewashes. BIG Safety is also able to customise Safety Showers to meet your needs. (Example below)

Fully Self Contained Emergency Safety Shower Self Contained Tank Emergency Safety Shower.