Justrite Polyethylene Chemical Cabinet Justrite Polyethylene Chemical Cabinet 60 L for the most corrosive chemicals
We receive a lot of questions from clients asking to clarify what is the best Corrosive Storage Cabinet for their needs. The two main considerations are:-
  1. How corrosive the chemicals are, that will be placed in the cabinet?
  2. What size do you need the cabinet to be, to store your corrosive goods safely and securely near where you need them
The two main types of Justrite Chemical Cabinets for Corrosives are:-
  1. The Justrite Sure-Grip Ex steel cabinets with polyethylene shelf liners offer corrosion and fire protection in a wide variety of sizes (including 30, 60, 100, 160 & 250 L models)
  2. For superior corrosion protection from acid vapours (such as Phenol, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid and others with highly corrosive vapours), the Justrite Polyethylene Chemical Cabinets are the answer and they are available in 30 or 60 L sizes. These cabinets are commonly used in laboratories where lab technicians can store the chemicals close at hand.
If you require a larger size Polyethylene Corrosive cabinet, then BIG Safety supplies the Polystore Polyethylene Chemical Cabinets. These are available in 50, 100 (single or double compartment), 150 and 200 L (single or double compartment) cabinets.
Acid & Base Chemical Cabinet 100 L Polystore Corrosive Cabinet. 2 x 50 L compartments