Guide to Hard Hat Accessories - What can I wear with my hard hat?
We often receive questions about what is and isn't appropriate to wear on or under a hard hat. So we've put together some tips to help you decide. 
Hard hats and other PPE must comply with Australian Standards and rely upon adequate fit to protect the wearer. Any accessories that affect fit may reduce the hard hat’s ability to protect you.
While some accessories are encouraged - like cap attached ear muffs or visors - how do you decide if it’s safe to wear granny’s knitted beanie under your hard hat?
First and foremost, always follow manufacturer instructions. If the manufacturer says don’t do it... don’t do it! But where they haven’t specified, you will have to conduct your own risk assessment.
  1. No pom-poms: A pom-pom on top of a beanie does not allow the hard hat harness to sit flat on the head. Tight knit beanies work better than loose beanies, which can cause the hard hat to slip around or off your head. The ProChoice winter liner is your safest bet. The Winter Liner has velcro straps which enable it to be secured to the hard hat, minimising movement. 
  2. No caps: Baseball caps are a no-no, as they often have a metal stud in the top middle of the hat. If a very heavy item fell with great force, the impact would place undue force on the stud and could cause significant trauma to the top or your skull. Baseball caps also often have a curved brim which impacts the fit of the hard hat.
  3. Sun and sweat protection is OK. Cotton/polyester or plastic visors, brims and flaps that attach to the helmet are a great solution for staying sun safe throughout summer. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are using them correctly and with the right type of hard hat. Most hard hats can also easily fit a sweatband for the forehead underneath.
This was just a quick guide to help you out on the worksite. However, always remember to conduct a fit test before starting the job. Keep safe.
ProChoice V6 Hard Hat with Safety Glasses