For sites which are concerned about Safety Showers and Eyewashes for their employees, there are two additional concerns which Speakman Safety Showers has developed solutions for clients.

These two additional concerns are:-

1. Water running all over your factory or warehouse creating a minor flood at 76 litres per minute for at least 15 minutes, and

2. Employees may require modesty screens to protect them from being viewed as they are saturated from head to toe in water. Especially if they wish to remove contaminated clothing.

BIG Safety is excited to offer these Speakman Customised Safety Shower solutions for clients throughout Australia.

The first component is a Stainless Steel Water Catchment platform with outlet. This provides a base which can capture the waste water and direct it through one outlet. Below is an image of this unit. Please note: this walk on grate can also be configured to provide walk on grate activation. This means the safety shower will turn on as soon as the patient walks onto the platform, avoiding the requirement for the patient to fumble for the pull down lever.

Safety Shower Drainage Catchment  Safety Shower Drainage Catchment and Walk On Grate


The second component is the Speakman Safety Shower Modesty Screen, which serve two main functions:

  1. In combination with the Drainage catchment above, it helps capture the majority of water from the Safety Shower and direct it through one outlet. This significantly reduces the issues of cleaning up the water deluge created throughout your warehouse by the Safety Shower or eye/face wash.
  2. Secondly these screens provide modesty for the users who will have soaking wet clothes or in some cases may need to remove any contaminated clothes from their bodies. 
Speakman Modesty Safety Shower Stall
Speakman Modesty Safety Shower Stall


BIG Safety can provide a range of customised Safety Shower and eyewash solutions for your requirements. These include: walk on activation, modesty screens, emergency lighting, sirens, remote alerts and intrinsically safe units.

If you would like to obtain a quote please contact us on 1300 73 22 74.

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