Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash for disabled or handicapped team members

Big Safety is pleased to bring to the market the Speakman Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash designed specifically for disabled or handicapped team members.

The main benefit has been the reduction in height of the eyewash to enable wheel chair personnel to safely access the eyewash.

Please click on the following link to view the specs and dimensions for this disabled safety shower & eye wash.

These units take 10-14 days to manufacture and ship.

Disabled Safety Shower and Eyewash have been modified with the following features:

 Standard Features:

  •  Shower Head Height from Floor:                2134mm

 Special Features include:

  • Extended Shower Arm                               914mm
  • Longer Shower pull Rod Drop                    1219mm
  • Eye Wash Nozzle Height                            914mm
  • Eye Wash Basin Protrudes                        432mm