We are often asked if we have a Smokers Apron that can be used in aged care facilities/homes to prevent frail smokers burning holes in their clothes? I was aware of this issue from 35 years ago when I wondered why my Granddad always had holes in his clothes from burn marks.

So when I discovered the flame retardant properties of the lightweight cotton Proban Apron, I knew this would be perfect for Smokers to prevent burning holes in their clothes.

BIG Safety are proud to say that we have provided these flame retardant aprons into Nursing Homes/Aged Care Facilities throughout Australia for over fifteen years now.

So if you are looking after frail smokers or in an aged care facility, please ensure you click through the link to the Proban Flame Retardant Apron which has video demonstrations of the actions of this apron and see how it can help solve your problem.