Below is an extract of Information courtesy of Australian Standard AS4775-2007 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. This is general information and should be used in conjunction with a detailed risk assessment of your site conditions and materials. LOCATION OF SAFETY SHOWERS AND EYEWASHES All units shall be positioned in accessible locations that require no more than 10 seconds to reach. The unit shall be located on the same level as the hazard and the path of travel shall be free of obstructions that may inhibit the immediate use of the equipment. For a strong acid or strong caustic the eye/face wash should be immediately adjacent to the hazard. Safety Showers Emergency showers shall be designed and located so that the bottom of the shower head is not less than 2083mm or more than 2438mm in height from the surface on which the user stands. Eyewashes and Eye/Face Washes The unit shall be positioned with the nozzles not less than 838mm and no greater than 1143mm from the surface on which the user stands and 153mm minimum from the wall or obstruction. Combination units Combination units shall be designed so all components can operate individually and be positioned so they meet the requirements according to the location of showers and eyewashes. End of extract Additional Information For additional information please consult Australian Standard AS4775-2007 Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. If you require a Emergency Safety Shower or Eye/Face Wash please click this link to check out our extensive range of Speakman Safety Showers and Eyewashes
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