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Full Length PROBAN Flame Retardant Apron - AS Seen on MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA 2018

PROBAN® flame retardant treated cotton offers clothing that is a lighter and cooler alternative for light to moderate welding or smoking and other areas that call for flame retardant protection.

PROBAN® fabric will char and self extinguish when it comes into contact with a flame or spark. There is no smoldering or afterglow therefore providing
protection for the wearer. Unlike some synthetic fibre constructions PROBAN® does not suffer from thermal shrinkage. There are no sticky residues that could adhere to the skin of the wearer compounding the severity of any potential burn injury.

  • Material: Cotton treated with PROBAN
  • Size: 60 x 90cm
  • Colour: Dark green
  • These aprons are a specialty item and may take up to 15 days for delivery
  • It is certified to EN ISO 11611, EN ISO 11612, EN ISO14116 and EN 61482-1-2 ASTM F1959.

These garments are used in Nursing Homes to prevent Smokers burning holes in their clothes. However please read and view the following information before you proceed with ordering this product.

The purpose of these notes is to explain the standards which the PROBAN flame retardant aprons comply to and to enable clients to decide whether they wish to continue using the aprons for the purpose of protecting smokers from cigarette ash.

It is important to note that the PROBAN material has been tested against and complies with the European standard for resistance to welding hazards (Flame and Spark) - Flame Retardant ISO 14116:2008, EN ISO 11612, ISO 11611:2007, however this standard does not relate to cigarettes or cigarette ash.  A copy of the material certification is attached titled Proban Material Certification.  Also attached is a summary of those standards as they relate to flame retardancy. (Flame Retardant European standards)

There are currently no Australian Standards relating to protective clothing to protect smokers from cigarettes or cigarette ash.

We received feedback from two of our clients that a hole has appeared in an apron whilst smoking a cigarette, however the exact scenario of how this occurred is unclear.  As part of our investigation into this matter, we have filmed some short videos to show the effectiveness of the garment in relation to smoking and cigarettes, in order that client’s may make their own decisions about the suitability of the garment for their own situation.

This series of very basic videos shows the strengths and weaknesses of the product. Please watch all five videos.

Also note that this apron is intended as a flame retardant garment where there is no significant heat hazard and as such some heat and warmth could potentially be felt through the apron as it extinguishes the source of the spark/flame.

The first video illustrates the effects of cigarette ash dropping onto the apron or putting out the cigarette on the apron.

Extinguishing a cigarette

The second video illustrates the extinguishing effect of the Proban apron when a cigarette lighter is held close to the fabric.

 Extinguishing a lighter

The third video illustrates the impact of holding a cigarette lighter 1 inch away from the Proban material. The material is discoloured and weakened in the process of extinguishing the flame however no hole is created.

The fourth video shows the scenario when we were able to create a hole by pushing the cigarette against tight material.

The fifth video shows what would happen if someone extinguished a cigarette on themselves whilst they were wearing the apron.

These Smoker's aprons are a great lightweight option for chronic smokers. Please check out our customer feedback on the product by clicking on the Review stars tab.

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