Considerations when choosing the best brand of dangerous goods storage cabinets

When choosing the best brand of dangerous goods storage cabinet for you, selecting a premium brand will help to ensure better productivity, safety and regulatory outcomes for your worksite.

Quickly identify the best brands of dangerous goods storage cabinets by looking for the following features:

  • Double walled steel construction
  • Easy-close self latching doors
  • Grounding lug
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Rounded safety corners 
  • Polythene trays
  • Option to fit with handle padlock
  • FM Global fire tested and certified 
  • 10-year product warranty 

Improved productivity and safety outcomes:

Dangerous goods storage cabinets enable the safe, secure and convenient storage of hazardous materials, removing the need to go outside or to a separate storage area, thus maximising worker efficiency. Many laboratories have dangerous goods storage cabinets located on or underneath work benches, allowing for immediate and safe storage.

The best brands of dangerous goods storage cabinets offer superior design features and functions that help ensure positive safety outcomes, worksite productivity and peace of mind.   

For example, Justrite dangerous goods storage cabinets feature a double walled construction with a 40mm air-gap between 1.2mm steel.The air-gap slows the transfer of heat through the walls of the cabinet, further protecting the cabinet’s contents and reducing potential danger to the building or plant in the case of fire.

Other premium features offered by the best brands of dangerous goods storage cabinets include easy-close, self-latching doors, a built-in grounding lug for easy grounding to avoid the build-up of static electricity which can cause a spark, adjustable levelling feet for stability, and rounded safety corners on doors and edges.

Justrite corrosive cabinets also have polyethylene trays to remove the risk of corrosive materials coming into contact with the metal shelves.

Dangerous goods cabinets must be lockable except for Organic Peroxide and Oxidising Agent Cabinets that need to be able to vent. The best brands such as Justrite can also be fitted with a handle padlock so supervisors can further control access.

It is important that only authorised personnel can access hazardous materials and all other workers are restricted from exposure. 

Regulatory compliance: 

Flammable goods storage cabinets must comply with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1940. The best brands such as Justrite comply with and exceed this standard. 

Justrite is also the only brand of dangerous goods storage cabinets in Australia that have been fire tested and certified by FM Global. This means that during a 10 minute external fire exposure test the cabinets maintained structural integrity and an internal temperature below 163°C.

Another consideration when selecting the best brand of dangerous goods storage cabinet should be product warranty.

Justrite cabinets are covered by a 10-year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty and units regularly outlast the warranty without requiring repair or replacement.

Justrite manufactures a range of premium storage cabinets for hazardous materials including flammable, corrosive or toxic goods, organic peroxides and pesticides. For more information about dangerous goods storage cabinets, contact Big Safety to discuss your requirements.