Six questions to consider when buying a dangerous goods storage cabinet

If your workplace or laboratory uses hazardous materials, you are legally required to identify associated risks like spills, fires or injury and control them using the hierarchy of control

Where elimination of hazardous materials is not possible, dangerous goods storage cabinets are one effective control measure and should be one of your first lines of defence. 

When purchasing a dangerous goods storage cabinet, there is no one-size-fits-all and it is important to choose a solution with the correct profile, size, and safety features for the desired application. Some key questions to consider when choosing a cabinet are: 

1. Which dangerous goods will you store? 

Dangerous goods storage cabinets vary in material profile based on the material they are designed to store. It is important to identify hazardous materials that require safe storage, and purchase a cabinet that is purpose-built for each. You should segregate hazardous materials as incompatible materials can cause dangerous chemical reactions.

Safe storage solutions are available for:

2. What size cabinet will you need?

Consider the volume of hazardous material that will require safe storage. Big Safety carries Justrite Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets that range in size from 15L to 350L. 

3. Is the cabinet compliant with Australian Standards? 

Your cabinet MUST comply with Australian Standard AS1940: 2017 for the storage of dangerous goods. Other standards may apply depending on the material stored and the storage location. A safety specialist can help ensure your dangerous goods storage cabinet is compliant, as can reviewing Safe Work Australia’s Hazardous Chemicals resource

4. What signage am I required to display on my cabinet?

AS1940:2017 requires flammable goods storage cabinets clearly display the following:

  • ‘No Smoking, No Ignition Sources Within 3m’ placard
  • Class 3 Dangerous Goods label
  • The maximum capacity of the cabinet
  • The name and address of the manufacturer 

5. Is the cabinet “FM Global Approved”?

All Justrite Cabinets are FM Global fire tested and certified, a feature no other dangerous goods storage cabinet in Australia can claim. This certification indicates that during a ten minute fire exposure test, Justrite cabinets maintain structural integrity and an internal temperature below 163°C. 

6. Is the cabinet lockable?

AS/NZS 1940 dictates that all flammable storage cabinets must be lockable. Justrite cabinets are lockable and can also be fitted with an additional padlock to ensure authorised access only. 

For more information about dangerous goods storage cabinets, contact Big Safety to discuss your requirements.