Avoid These Pitfalls to Ensure Optimal Safety in Your Workplace 

Purchasing a safety shower is a crucial investment for any workplace that deals with hazardous substances. Ensuring that you have the right equipment can make the difference between a minor incident and a major health emergency. However, many buyers make common mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of their safety showers. This blog post will highlight five common pitfalls to avoid, helping you make an informed decision and ensure the safety of your employees. 

1. Not Considering the Location
One of the biggest mistakes is not thoroughly considering the location of the safety shower. It’s vital to position the safety shower and eyewash station in an accessible area, ensuring that it is within 10 seconds or 15 metres of any potential hazard. The path to the emergency safety shower must be clear of obstructions, and the area should be well-lit and easily identifiable. A poorly located deluge safety shower can delay emergency response and increase the risk of severe injuries. 

2. Overlooking Compliance with Standards
Another common error is failing to ensure that the safety shower meets regulatory standards. Safety showers in Australia must comply with AS4775, which specifies the performance and installation requirements for emergency eyewash and shower equipment. Ignoring this standard can result in non-compliance penalties and, more importantly, ineffective emergency response during a chemical spill or exposure. 

3. Ignoring Maintenance Requirements
Many buyers neglect the maintenance requirements of safety showers. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the equipment functions correctly in an emergency. This includes routine checks for leaks, ensuring the water supply is uncontaminated, and testing the shower to verify adequate water flow and temperature. Failing to maintain an emergency safety shower can lead to malfunctions when they are needed the most, putting employees at risk. 

4. Not Considering Environmental Factors
Environmental factors can significantly impact the performance of a safety shower. Extreme temperatures, for instance, can affect the water supply, making it too hot or too cold, which can exacerbate injuries instead of alleviating them. Additionally, outdoor installations need protection from freezing conditions and direct sunlight. Neglecting these factors can result in an unsafe and ineffective safety shower. AS4775 requires the water in the Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash stations to have Tepid water to avoid additional injuries to the patient.

5. Choosing the Wrong Type of Safety Shower
There are various types of safety showers available, and selecting the wrong type can compromise safety. For example, combination safety shower and eyewash stations are ideal for areas with multiple hazards. Speakman safety showers are known for their durability and performance, but it’s crucial to choose the model that best suits your specific needs. Assessing the risks in your workplace and consulting with safety equipment experts can help you select the right type of safety shower.
Purchasing a safety shower involves more than just picking a product off the shelf. By considering the location, compliance with standards, maintenance requirements, environmental factors, site risk assessment and choosing the right type of safety shower, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your employees. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you invest in equipment that provides reliable and effective emergency response, protecting your workforce from the dangers of hazardous substances. 

Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide 
If you require additional assistance, you can download our Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide. This product guide discusses the points above in more detail and additional options for you to consider for your workplace.  

This Product Guide also includes a Safety Shower and Eyewash Decision Flow Chart to assist you in finding the right product for your requirements
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