Ensuring the safety of employees in environments where hazardous materials are present is paramount. A portable safety eyewash, used as a drench hose, offers flexibility and immediate response to chemical exposures. This blog will delve into five ways a portable safety shower can function as supplementary equipment, enhancing the safety protocols of your workplace. 

Clarification around Portable Safety Showers terminology. A safety shower in accordance with AS4775 needs to run 76 L of water per minute for 15 minutes. Therefore most portable safety showers do not comply with AS4775 run times and are therefore referred to as suplementary equipment to be used in a first response emergency treatment at the site. For this reason some people therefore refer to the units as Portable eyewash units (as they do meet AS4775 standards for eyewashes) with a drench hose. 

1. Versatility in Placement
One of the main advantages of a portable safety shower is its versatility in placement. Unlike fixed safety showers, portable units can be moved to different locations as needed. This flexibility is crucial in dynamic work environments where hazards may shift. Whether you’re dealing with a temporary construction site or a changing laboratory setup, having a portable safety shower ensures that safety measures are always within reach. 

2. Immediate Response to Spills
In the event of a chemical spill, every second counts. Portable safety showers equipped with eyewashes or drench hoses provide an immediate response, allowing for quick decontamination of affected areas on the body. These showers can be easily deployed to the worksite in preparation before works begin. Therefore minimizing the potential for serious injuries if an accident occurs. Their mobility ensures that no matter where an emergency occurs, a safety shower can be on hand to mitigate the danger.

3. Complementing Fixed Safety Equipment
Portable safety showers serve as excellent supplementary equipment to fixed installations. While fixed safety showers and eyewash stations are vital, they may not always be accessible within the critical 10-second response time recommended by safety standards. Portable units fill this gap, ensuring that decontamination options are always available, even in areas where fixed units are not installed. 

4. Enhanced Reach and Coverage
Drench hoses attached to portable safety eyewashes offer enhanced reach and coverage compared to stationary units. This is particularly beneficial in situations where the injured person cannot move easily. The flexibility of a drench hose allows responders to direct the water flow precisely where it’s needed, ensuring thorough decontamination. This adaptability makes portable eyewash stations an invaluable tool in comprehensive workplace safety plans. 

5. Compliance with Safety Regulations
Maintaining compliance with safety regulations is a top priority for any business handling hazardous materials. Portable safety showers help meet these requirements by providing additional safety measures that support fixed equipment. They ensure that your workplace adheres to the standards set by organizations such as Safe Work Australia. Regular training and drills with portable units also help employees become familiar with emergency procedures, further enhancing workplace safety. 

Investing in portable safety showers and eyewashes as supplementary equipment significantly boosts the safety infrastructure of any workplace dealing with hazardous materials. Their versatility, immediate response capability, ability to complement fixed installations, enhanced reach, and role in regulatory compliance make them essential tools for any safety-conscious organization. Ensuring that your workplace is equipped with both fixed and portable safety solutions guarantees that you are prepared for any emergency, protecting the health and well-being of your employees. 

Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide 

If you require additional assistance, you can download our Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide. This product guide discusses the points above in more detail and additional options for you to consider for your workplace.  
This Product Guide also includes a Safety Shower and Eyewash Decision Flow Chart to assist you in finding the right product for your requirements.