AT290R EFlare LED Beacon

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Eflare LED Flares are the lastest and greatest in the area of flare technology.  Eflares are a safe and effective alternative to pyrotechnic and chemical flares.

The Eflare is a Intrinsically Safe Hazmat Flare that is a non-strobe, versatile and portable LED flare designed to use in Class 1, Division 2 and Zone 2 Hazardous areas.

Suitable for a wide range of applications the E-Flare beacon has been designed with versatility in mind. The unit provides a highly visible warning zone, day or night. These beacons are single colour only and incorporate a failsafe activation switch to prevent accidental turn on or off and come with a range of accessories. 

Eflare's shatterproof 360º polycarbonate lens ensures maximum clarity and shock resistance which is maximized by an impact resistant ABS body.  Other attributes consist of visibility to 1 kilometre, precision O-rings to ensure the beacon is waterproof and dustproof, advanced battery protection to protect circuits and batteries from shock, high strength clips to attach to cones, signs , belts or vehicle windows.

Professional standard Eflare beacons have been developed in association with the Victoria Police, Australia and carry their official recommendation.

Eflare beacons are now being used throughout the world in markets such as Trucking and Transport, Rail and Aviation, Marine and Agriculture, Mining and Oil, Automotive and Consumer.

Ex n II T4 IP66 TestSafe Australia Ex 3783X

Check out the video below to see these Eflares in action.

AT290R EFlare Steady On or Flash Beacon

Light Colours: One Colour

Colours Available (Models): Red

Flash Rate: 165-185 fpm

Battery Type: 4 x AA batteries

Battery Life (Hours): 20+

Height: 200 mm

Weight (with batteries):  260 gm



Eflare Design

Eflares are designed and built to provide the fastest and easiest way to be seen and to be safe!

Eflare Features:
  1. Patented fresnel lens to maximise beam conspicuity, visible for more than 1km
  2. High-luminosity solid state LEDs rated for greater than 100,000 hour operating life
  3. Shatterproof polycarbonate lens to ensure maximum clarity, strength, durability and shock resistance
  4. Low battery indicator to show when the batteries need to be replaced (not included in 300 series)
  5. Failsafe positive activation microswitch to prevent accidental turning off or on of beacon
  6. Coloured pins indicate the beacon light colours
  7. Reflective strip and fluoro body to maximise visibility, day and night
  8. Advanced battery protection system to protect circuits and batteries from shock if the beacon is dropped
  9. High strength clips to permit attachment of beacon to cones, signs, belts or vehicle windows
  10. Most models have an operating life of more than 40 hours for each set of batteries
  11. Impact resistant ABS body and cap to maximise toughness and durability of beacon
  12. Precision o-rings to ensure beacon is waterproof, dustproof and safe to operate in hazardous areas
AT290R EFlare LED Beacon

Customer Reviews

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Patricia Edwards

There seems to be nothing wrong with the product, only that I might have bought the wrong item. The beacon I need is expected to be a safety measure for our bush-regeneration team, in case someone is injured or becomes lost in rugged terraine without any mobile phone reception. Having a basic knowledge of where the person is going to be, the light from the beacon is expected to shine a good deal further (ie, in this case higher) than it apparently does. The flare didn't come with instructions, but a check on line shows this item to be powered by 2 x 5D cells, while the one I have is powered only by 4 AA batteries that make this item less powerful than an average torch..I'd welcome knowing if I have bought the correct item, please, or if there is another that will better suit our purposes, or whether there is something that has been overlooked, which needs to be done to make this beacon serve the purpose for which it is intended.

Patricia Edwards

My purchase arrived quickly and in good order

BP Long Gully

it is what we required for our dip trolley

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