250 Litre Corrosive & Chemical Goods Storage Cabinet





Justrite's 250 litre storage cabinet for corrosives and chemical goods is manufactured to the highest standards to safely store hazardous materials and maintain workplace safety. 

A corrosive goods cabinet is the only way to minimise risk of injury in the workplace and contain spills or leaks when dealing with dangerous chemicals on a day to day basis.

Compliant with Australian Standards and third party tested for fire resistance, our 250 litre cabinet can safely store up to twenty-litre drums and contain spills or leaks in its built-in sump.  

Cabinet Specs:

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The shelf combination in the Metal Corrosive cabinets consist of a base metal shelf and a Poly tray that sits on top of the shelf to avoid contact between the chemicals and metal shelf  (Additional Metal shelves can be ordered hereExtra Poly Trays can be ordered here)

Benefits and Features of the Justrite Chemical Goods Storage Cabinet

Corrosion-Proof Powder Coating

In order to provide maximum protection from corrosive chemicals, Justrite cabinets are powder coated with a high gloss, acid and alkali resistant finish.

An electrostatic charge is passed through the cabinet to magnetically attract powder paint and ensure complete coverage. Then, the cabinets go through a 88 ºC oven to fuse the powder without any paint drip, minimising the effect of corrosion and humidity. Justrite's finish can withstand twice as much abuse as normal finishes. 

Self-Closing Doors With Secure Locks

All Justrite cabinets are equipped with self-closing right-hand doors to prevent fumes, spills or leaks from leaving the enclosure and causing injuries.

In addition, locks are designed with a fail-safe locking mechanism to prevent unauthorised access, as well as distortion and bend resistant locking bars which ward off tampering.

Finally, the full-length piano hinge acts as a barrier to cabinet contents that would otherwise leak through the cracks. 

Justrite Exclusive Adjustable Levelling Feet

Each corner of the Justrite cabinet is fitted with adjustable levelling feet, allowing users to place cabinets on uneven terrain without fear of tipping or spilling its contents. 

Unique Shelving Design

In case the chemicals within release fumes or noxious gases, Justrite's unique shelving design allows for proper ventilation of the cabinet. Furthermore, each shelf has built-in troughs which collect spills and prevent cross-contamination with the contents of lower shelves. In addition, shelves are adjustable in 55 mm increments to allow the storage of different sized containers. 

Leak Containment

If a corrosive chemical were to spill or leak inside the cabinet, each cabinet is equipped with a 150 mm deep sump to prevent it from overflowing. 

Adjustable Self Closing Mechanism

Housed on the roof of the cabinet to save space, the self-closing mechanism can be adjusted to different closure rates by the removal of up to four self-tapping screws. 

Double Thermal Insulation

Justrite cabinet walls are made with two 1.2 mm sheet steel panels with a 40 mm gap. By preventing panel walls from touching, heat transfer from the outside becomes negligible, keeping the cabinet's contents cool even in high-temperature areas.  

After-Sale Staff Training 

Here at BIG Safety, we are happy to train your staff on the proper functions of their cabinet, including an overview of proper procedure when dealing with hazardous materials to prevent exposure or accidents. 

Third-Party Tested and Approved

When it comes to safety, Justrite cabinets go above and beyond, exceeding the fire testing standards. Each cabinet carries a certification of compliance issued by Factory Mutual testing laboratories, a world leader when it comes to testing for compliance.

All Justrite cabinets are covered by a ten-year limited warranty.

*This item may require additional freight/tailgate charges (to be confirmed after your order has been received).

250 Litre Corrosive & Chemical Goods Storage Cabinet

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