Your guide to purchasing a Flammable Goods Cabinet?

For many purchasers looking to buy a Flammable Goods Cabinet, it can be difficult to choose between the number of options on the market. Often, they are just told by their manager to sort the problem out without a background in purchasing these cabinets. It can be very confusing in figuring out what type of cabinet, what certification and how to store your goods safely.

Therefore below is a guide to assist clients in their purchasing decision making process. There are some key Australian Standards requirements, manufacturer design and quality, then finally your site user requirements that need to be considered.

Flammable Cabinets MUST comply with AS1940:2017

Firstly, you must ensure that your Flammable Goods Cabinet complies with Australian Standard AS1940:2017 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids. If the cabinet you are considering does not meet these standards, then you should quickly discard this product. Cabinets that do not comply to AS1940:2017 should not be sold in Australia and you are continuing to put at risk your employees and your assets.

Quality cabinets like the Justrite Flammable Goods cabinets exceed AS1940:2017 plus have additional international certifications like FM Global Approval, Underwriters Laboratories. Third party testing is your assurance of performance.

Flammable Cabinets Design and Quality

Many of the features of the Flammable Goods Cabinets Features are required to comply to AS1940:2017.

Some of the key features included in the Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinets are:-

  • Self Closing sequential doors
  • Stainless steel 3 point door locking system
  • Welded shelf hangers to avoid shelf slip or movement
  • Fully adjustable shelf heights
  • Liqiud tight sump to catch spills
  • Spill Slope shelves to drain all spills to the back of the cabinet
  • Adjustable levelling feet for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Dual vents with built in flame arresters strategically placed at bottom and opposite top are welded, not screwed in place
  • Continuous piano hinge ensures smooth closure
  • Fully welded, not riveted construction holds squareness for longer life, offering greater protection in a fire since air gaps are reduced
  • Sturdy double wall steel with insulating airspace between the walls
  • Fusible links hold the doors wide open and melts at 74'C for automatic closure
  • Haz-Alert Reflective Labelling
  • Rounded Safety corners on doors to reduce accidental nicks, cuts or potential hand injuries
  • Sure Grip Lockable Handle that provides a flush handle to the cabinet as well as offering the cabinet to be locked by a padlock

Full features of the Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinet including the sizes, dimensions and storage capacities can be viewed by clicking the link.

Here is a link to a brief 2 min Youtube video to help understand what some of the features of the Justrite Flammable Liquids Cabinet features are.

The Justrite Flamable Cabinets are manufactured by the Justrite company that has been helping companies throughout the globe Store, manage and transport Flammable goods for over 100 years. They have been continually applying customer feedback back into product development. So much so, that Justrite is the only company in the world that provides a 10 year Limited Warranty for their Flammable Goods Cabinets.

It makes sense to purchase a product from a company with a proven track record and warranty.

Considerations for your Site Storage Requirements

There are three main considerations for your site to help determine what type of Flammable Goods Cabinet you require.

1. You will need to consider if any of your classes of Dangerous Goods cannot be stored in the same cabinet. (Review this Comcare Compatability Guide). Do you just have Class 3 Flammable liquids to store or are there other classes of goods that need to be stored safely?

2. What are your capacity needs? What quantity of flammable goods do you have? What quantity do you need to store near where? What will make your workers most productive? You will need to complete an audit of what products you require in what quantities. Many companies in going through this process are able to remove isolated (not required products) or reduce working volumes required. 

3. What size are your containers? Determine if you are storing safety cans, original containers, drums, aerosols, dispensing cans or some other similar containers. Does your cabinet need additional shelves to maximise your cabinet volume if you are using many small containers?

I hope this introductory guide has helped and feel free to contact our customer support team to help you in this important investment decision on 1300 73 22 74.

You can click on the following link to view the Big Safety range of Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinets that we distribute throughout Australia.

If you require Cabinets for storage of other Classes of Dangerous Goods you can click the following link Justrite Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets

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