Whilst there is no Australian Standard stating which types of Dangerous Goods are to be stored in what colour cabinet, there are good reasons why colour coding of the cabinets has been widely accepted as industry standard.
  1. Using colour and labelling in your storage practices helps quickly identify, organise and segregate liquids.
  2. It also helps fire department personnel recognise hazards when responding to fire situations.
Whilst regulatory codes do not mandate the specific colour of safety cabinets, the industry as well as Justrite has customarily observed the following Class 3 - Yellow for Justrite Flammable Cabinets Class 6 - White for Justrite Toxic Storage Cabinets Class 6 - Justrite Pesticide cabinets are colour coded Green Class 8 - Blue for Justrite Corrosive Chemical Storage Cabinets
Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets There is no regulatory standard for colour coding of Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets, however the industry has adopted their own colour coding