The question we get asked most often about Hard Hats is, when they need to be replaced. So I thought I would re-post this article discussing the relevant timelines in which a Hard Hat needs to be replaced in accordance with Australian Standards:- Hard Hat Life Span and when it needs to be replaced. In addition, to these timelines there are essential tell tale signs of when a part or the whole Hardhat needs to be replaced. You should visually inspect your hard hat each time before you wear it. You should replace your hard hat when:-
  • Cracks start to appear in the shell
  • The shiny surface becomes dull or chalky
  • The shell becomes brittle
  • An impact has been made with the helmet surface
You should replace the suspension system in your hardhat when:-
  • The suspension becomes brittle
  • If one or more of any of the mounts break off
  • The suspension will no longer hold securely on your head
  • The cradling straps break or become worn.
Remember:- It is your head, so double check to ensure you protect it. BIG Safety is able to do Hard Hat printing to professionally brand your workforce when onsite.

Here is a good intro video into the differences between the traditional V6 & New V9 Hard hats

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