Don't Let Your Workplace Go Up in Flames (Literally!):  Justrite Safety Cabinets Are Your Fire Safety Hero and here are three reasons that set them above the rest of the cheap imitatiors.

Let's face it, safety briefings can feel like a snoozefest. But when it comes to flammable liquids, staying focused is the difference between a productive day and...well, let's just say a situation nobody wants to deal with.  


At Big Safety, we truly get it. Safety is our passion and we take it very seriously. But we also believe that keeping safe shouldn't be a hassle for you. We're here to make it easy and stress-free. That's why we offer Justrite flammable safety cabinets – your workplace hero for keeping things safe and sound. 


Most cabinet providers say their cabinets meet AS1940 however here are three additional questions you need to ask to ensure you maximise your investment.


(Here's what makes Justrite cabinets the real MVPs (Most Valuable Player): 


 1. Is your cabinet FM Global Approved? The Mark of Excellence: (That is Safety with a big Gold Star)

Imagine your safety cabinet having its own gold star, awarded by a fire safety hall of famer (because that's basically what FM Global is). Justrite cabinets have earned this prestigious FM Approval, meaning they've passed the toughest fire protection tests. So, you can rest easy knowing your flammable liquids are chilling with the best in fire safety. Justrite Safety Cabinets are the only Cabinets in Australia with this rating.


2. Does your cabinet have a means to safely hold the door open which complies to Australian Standards? The Justrite Fusible Link Advantage: The "Work Smart, Stay Safe" Feature you cannot get anywhere else.

We've all been there: trying to hold the door open with our foot whilst lifting heavy containers from within the cabinet, juggling tasks, and needing the safety cabinet to stay open, but propping it open with a random object is a major no-no (It is illegal to prop doors open on other competing cabinets).  

But Justrite understands the need to work the way you work. And, that's why they created the legal fusible link system. It's like a built-in safety babysitter. You can keep the door open for convenience, and if a fire breaks out, the link melts, automatically closing the cabinet to keep the flames contained. Genius, right?!! 


3. Am I just going to get a 1 year Warranty on the Cabinet?  Justrite's Built to Last Manufacturers Warranty: A 10-Year Warranty That Says "We Mean Business"

Justrite isn't just about bells and whistles; they're about quality that lasts. Their industry-leading 10-year warranty shows their commitment to providing you with a safety solution that's here for the long haul. It's like buying a superhero sidekick who not only protects you but also comes with a ten-year guarantee of awesomeness.  


Justrite: More Than Just a Cabinet, It's Peace of Mind 

Justrite flammable cabinets are more than just safety storage; they're designed with your comfort in mind. The rounded corners on the doors are there to ensure you can move quickly and confidently without worrying about nicks or cuts. Oh, and ask our sales team about the double-wall construction with an air gap that ensures your flammable liquids are chilling in a fire resistant fortress. It's these thoughtful touches that not only keep you safe but also ensure you're meeting all safety regulations with ease.  


Safety Shouldn't Be a Gamble 


Don't settle for second-rate safety. Invest in Justrite safety cabinets and get superior fire protection, innovative features, and a warranty that proves they're built to last. Contact us today to learn more about how Justrite flammable cabinets can turn your workplace into a fire safety haven. Invest in Safety, Invest in our Justrite Cabinets and ditch the safety stress for good! 

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