Ensuring Optimal Workplace Safety with Proper Installation 

Proper installation of safety showers and eye wash stations is critical in maintaining a safe working environment. These facilities are essential in mitigating injuries from hazardous exposures and ensuring compliance with safety standards. This blog outlines six key ways to effectively set up and install emergency safety showers and eyewash stations in your workplace. 

1. Location, Location, Location
The placement of safety showers and eye wash stations is paramount. They should be installed in easily accessible areas, ensuring that anyone exposed to hazardous substances can reach them within 10 seconds. The path to these stations must be free from obstacles. Consider high-risk areas such as chemical storage rooms, laboratories, and manufacturing floors when deciding on locations. 

2. Compliance with Standards
Adhering to regulatory standards is crucial for the installation of safety showers and eye wash stations. Ensure compliance with AS 4775 requirements, which dictate specific criteria for flow rate, temperature, and maintenance. Regularly reviewing these standards and incorporating them into your setup process will help you stay compliant and ensure the safety of your workers. 

3. Adequate Water Supply
A reliable and sufficient water supply is essential for the effective operation of safety showers and eye wash stations. The water should be tepid, between 16-38°C, to avoid shock or further injury to the user. Ensuring a constant water flow that meets the required pressure and volume is crucial for the proper functioning of these emergency fixtures. 

4. Signage and Lighting
Clearly visible signage and adequate lighting are vital components of a well-installed safety shower and eye wash station. The signage should be prominent and easy to understand, guiding employees to the station even in low-visibility conditions. Additionally, ensure the area is well-lit to facilitate quick access during emergencies, especially in large or complex work environments. 

5. Regular Maintenance and Testing
Routine maintenance and testing are essential to ensure that safety showers and eye wash stations are always ready for use. Conduct weekly activations to check the functionality and flow of the water. Annual inspections should also be carried out to meet regulatory requirements and address any issues promptly. Maintenance logs can help track the status and maintenance activities of each unit. 

6. Employee Training
Training employees on the proper use of safety showers and eye wash stations is a critical aspect of workplace safety. Conduct regular training sessions to educate staff on how to operate these emergency fixtures effectively. Employees should also be aware of the location of each station and understand the importance of immediate decontamination in the event of an exposure. 

Implementing safety showers and eye wash stations in your workplace involves strategic planning and adherence to safety standards. By focusing on optimal location, compliance, water supply, signage, maintenance, and employee training, you can create a safer work environment. Proper installation and upkeep of these facilities are fundamental in protecting your employees and ensuring a quick and effective response to hazardous exposures. 

Emphasizing the importance of these installations and fostering a culture of safety can significantly reduce workplace injuries and enhance overall safety compliance. Make sure your safety showers and eye wash stations are set up correctly and maintained regularly to safeguard your workforce.

Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide 
If you require additional assistance, you can download our Emergency Safety Shower and Eyewash Product Guide. This product guide discusses the points above in more detail and additional options for you to consider for your workplace.  

This Product Guide also includes a Safety Shower and Eyewash Decision Flow Chart to assist you in finding the right product for your requirements.

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