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Anti Fatigue Mat Happy Feet - Grip Top

SKU: MA490

Size: 600 x 900 mm


Features and Benefits

  • Happy Feet mats combine exceptional anti-fatigue performance with unique safety features.
  • Most industrial anti-fatigue mats have exposed foam which soaks up water, greases and oils, and should only be used in dry areas.
  • Happy Feet mats feature a dense rubber cushion encapsulated within solid, nitrile rubber to protect against deterioration and contamination. This construction makes Happy Feet mats highly resistant to chemicals, animal fats and petroleum products.
  • Happy Feet mats are also heel-resistant, so wear whatever shoes you like. These advantages result in more comfortable, better wearing, longer lasting mats.
  • Happy Feet mats are static dissipative and safe for use in computer rooms and electrical part manufacturers.
  • These anti-fatigue mats have nitrile rubber gripper backs to minimise mat movement and maximise safety.
  • All Happy Feet mats are static dissipative.
  • Green friendly, 100% nitrile rubber that is 20% recycled content.
  • All Happy Feet mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Tested by the CSIRO.

Sizes Available

  • 600 x 900 mm
  • 900 x 1500 mm
  • Also available in Texture Top for dry to damp work areas where traction is not critical. Easy-to-clean surface. See Product code MA491
  • Also available with Black and Yellow Chevron borders to highlight potential trip hazard.


  • Surface Fabric: 100% Nitrile Rubber Grip Top Texture design
  • Backing: 100% Nitrile Rubber
  • Uses: For use in Dry environments. Also suitable for Wet areas. Long Standing
  • Compound: Solid Nitrile Rubber encapsulating rubber cushion core
  • Durometer: 65
  • Flammability: "A" Rating per MVSS 302
  • Edging: Safety bevelled on all four sides
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Colours: Black or Black with Yellow Chevron Safety Border
  • Warranty: 3 years conditional warranty
  • Design: Moulded face cleats

Tested by CSIRO. 

The test results are available (Click Here). Wet Pendulum Test/Dry Floor Friction Test - AS/NZS4586:1999

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