350 Litre Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet

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Proper storage of flammable goods is the only way to minimise the risk of fires and explosions. It's your obligation as an employer to guarantee a safe workplace that complies with all relevant regulations.

Justrite's flammable goods storage cabinet comes equipped with an array of features to safely store up to 350 litres of Class 3 flammable liquids.

Cabinet Specs:

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If you store a lot of small containers or wish to customise the cabinet with additional shelves, extra shelves can be ordered here.

Best Features of Justrite's 350 Litre Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet

Compliant With Australian Standards

Each Justrite cabinet comes with a certificate issued by FM Laboratories that indicates their products don't just meet, but also exceed Australian regulations pertaining to fire safety, which is something no other Australian manufacturer can claim.

Built-In Flame Arresters

Each cabinet has four vents with built-in flame arresters. Strategically placed into the side and top panels, these can be the last line of defence if a fire were to break out within the cabinet.

Self Concealed Locking Mechanism

Justrite's patented self-closing mechanism provides unobstructed access to the top shelf and guarantees a tight closure to prevent air from getting in and feeding potential fires.

Full-Length Door Hinge

Full-length door hinges minimise air gaps, smothering fires if they were to break out inside the cabinet.

Durable Powder Coating

Justrite's chemical resistant powder coating offers a durable, high gloss finish that protects against the effects of humidity and corrosion.

Haz-Alert Reflective Labelling

Each cabinet is appropriately labelled with Justrite's patented signs which are visible in low light, fire conditions and when illuminated by a flashlight.

Usable On Uneven Surfaces

Each cabinet is fitted with Justrite exclusive levelling feet that can be adjusted to ensure proper closure on rough terrain or uneven surfaces.

SpillSlope Shelves

Each shelf is adjustable in 56 mm increments to fit different sized containers and includes a trough that directs spills to the back and bottom of the leak-proof sump.

Leak-Proof Sump

A 150mm sump at the bottom of the cabinet catches any possible spills to prevent leaks to the outside.

Thermal Insulation

Cabinets are built with two 1.2 mm steel walls separated by a 40 mm gap, which provide extra insulation for the safe storage of volatile liquids even in hot climates.

Specialised Staff Training

Once you purchase and install a Justrite cabinet, we will train your staff in the proper handling of flammable liquids and vapours, as well as prevention measures to avoid exposure or accidents.

All Justrite cabinets are covered by a ten-year limited warranty.

Spare shelves are available for purchase separately.

*This item may require additional freight/tailgate charges (to be confirmed after your order has been received).

350 Litre Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet

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