Spill Containment Caddy

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Gator Spill Containment Caddy enables you to safely handle and dispense harmful chemicals. Designed in compliance with the regulations of EPA and OSHA, it is the perfect choice to store 205 litre drum. Besides, the nylon strap securely holds the drum in place, reducing the chances of any accident.

Drum Management: The Gator Spill Containment Caddy lets you transfer heavy load easily, reducing the chances of any strain or injury. It comes with a back kickplate and large round handles to enable comfortable gripping. Apart from these, the large wheels, measuring 25.4 cm, make movement over the floors pretty easy.

Spill Control: In case the liquid spills, or the drum leaks, you do not have to worry about staining the floors. The large spill sump will hold all the liquid. The “open” structure of the sump allows you to easily and quickly clean up anything that has leaked. Unlike most other similar products, the spills remain within the unit and not between the walls

*The product may require additional freight charges (to be confirmed once order has been received)

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