imageSpeakman Emergency Eye Wash
We receive a few enquiries asking whether an Emergency Safety Shower or Eye Wash needs its own dedicated water supply line. The answer is no, as long as it meets the minimum standards below. It is however worthwhile to consider the following points when planning the pipeline to your Safety Shower or Eye Wash. The minimum requirement for a Combination Emergency EyeWash & Safety Shower is 25 mm, 1 inch pipe. A larger diameter may depend on the following:
  • Distance from the mains water;
  • Is the pipe straight, water volume, pressure will be effected by pipe bends
  • Is the water supply used for other processes
  • If it is a long distance you may consider using a 32 mm pipe.
We suggest you check the water flow in existing line, looking for 120 Lt/minute. There is no requirement for a dedicated water supply to the safety shower. Let us know if you require any additional information for our Speakman Safety Shower and Emergency Eye/Face Wash range.