Do I need a Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet for my workplace?

A fire can charge through a building in no time, injuring people, destroying assets, threatening the very existence of your business.

You know this to be true yet many still ask the question. 

What makes the above more tragic is that simple, proven steps can help reduce the risk of these accidents occuring. The most obvious of these is to store Flammable goods in a secure fire resistant Flammable Goods Cabinet.

The storage requirements of Flammable Goods in workplaces in Australia is detailed in the Australian Standard AS1940:2017 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids.

In addition to keeping people, property and the environment safe, a Flammable Goods Storage cabinet can be used to keep your valuble resources secure from theft and enhance workplace productivity by keeping the liquids close at hand to where they will be required.

In selecting a Flammable Goods Cabinet, ensure it is designed and built to comply to Australian Standards AS1940 at a minimum. Justrite Flammable cabinets have also been tested to comply to the FM Approved international rating from FM Global.

In considering which cabinet you require for your workplace you will need to consider the following:-

- What class of Dangerous Goods you will need to store

- What volumes of each of the flammable goods do you need to store. You can consider reducing volumes required on site or reducing the range or type of liquids you need to store.

- What size cabinet is suitable for your area. There are limitations specified in AS1940 relating to the volume of goods which can be stored in certain size warehouses (dependant on their use). The most common Justrite Flammable Cabinet we have sold over the last twenty years is the 250 Litre Flammable Cabinet.

Flammable goods cabinetJustrite flammable goods storage cabinet