LINQ Double Elasticated Lanyard





LINQ Lanyards are critical pieces of PPE for working safely at heights as the connection between the harness and the anchor point, designed to absorb energy in the event of a fall.  As with the LINQ Harness range, LINQ Lanyards are third party audited to comply to AS/NZS1891.1 standards.  They are completely Australian designed and engineered and MADE.


This LINQ Shock Absorbing Double Leg Webbing Lanyard comes with:

* 2m standard length

* 1 x Snap Hook

* 2 x Double Action Scaff Hooks


All LINQ lanyards are all made with the following features:

* High Tenancity webbing 33kM.220% in excess of ASNZS1891.1 requirements

* Webbing is UV rated to exceed ASNZS1981.1 standard

* Unique THETA stitch pattern has 423 stitches resulting in a strength that matches the lanyards' tenancity of 3.3t.  Ensuring no point in the lanyard assembly.

* Contrasting stitch thread coloiur, as per ASNZS for easy inspection

* Stitching patterns are sewn by computer controlled bar tacking machinery for precision, using UV resistant high tenacity polyester yarn with 10 newton (10kg) breatking strength

* The unique LINQ polyester Energy Absorber is desinged to protect a worker up to 160kg in weight (including tools and equipment)

* Drop forged D Transition point doubles as a spare leg stowage point

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