Basic Roofers Kit - Essential





LINQ Height Safety Kits have been designed to meet the general requirements of workers who are working at heights in most workplace situations.  

The kits also offer exceptional value for money when compared to buying these items individually.

 The Basic Roofers Kit - Essential comes with:

*  LINQ Essential Harness

*  15m Kernmantle rope with thimble eye and rope grab adjuster

*  Anchor Strap Endless 25mm - 1.5m

*  1 x Screw Gate Karabiner

*  Kit Bag

Fall Arrest Safety Harness Certification

The LINQ full body harnesses have been engineered and certified to provide the wearer with maximum safety, comfort and versatility while working at heights.

Enhancing the unique combination of harness design features, the LINQ range Complies to AS/NZS1891.1 Standards criteria, and we can prove it with Standards Certification!

Independently audited by third party body SAI Global for AS/NZS 1891.1 for Standards adherence, the LINQ harness range boasts the quality assurance of the prestigious “5 ticks” mark of Certification.

Shock Absorbing Web Lanyard Standards

The LINQ Shock absorbing web lanyards use a THETA stitch pattern (equals 3300kg strength). This is Engineered to match the webbing strength to ensure no weak point in the harness assembly.

The LINQ Lanyards are BSI Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1891.1

15 Metre Kernmantle Rope Standards

The 15m Kernmantle rope conforms to Australian Standard AS 4142.3

Other LINQ Height Safety Products

The LINQ product range of Fall Arrest Safety Harnesses includes Basic Essential, Elite Riggers, Elite Multi Purpose, Tactician Multi purpose fall arrest harnesses for whatever your need from handyman to professional.

The Safety Harness range is also backed up with a range of accessories including Pole StrapsShock absorbing web lanyards, and fall arrest ropes.

Basic Roofers Kit - Essential

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