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Flow Control Valve (FCV) Airline Personal Regulator with Belt


Color: Black


Scott Safety Airline Flow Control Valve (FCV) 

The Scott Safety Airline FCV is a waist-mounted flow control valve for use with a medium pressure compressed airline system. It incorporates a CEN supply airline hose coupling, a low-pressure warning whistle that sounds if the system fails to supply the minimum airflow, a rotational control to adjust airflow for comfort to the respirator or headtop, and an in-line residual odour filter.

The in-line filter removes any solvent vapours trapped in the supply hose between uses, and also removes oil vapour which causes a colour change to indicate when it requires replacement. It incorporates the quick-fit bayonet connection for the headtop supply hose, and is removable to allow connection of small bore hose systems directly to the control valve.

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