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Portable Eye & Body Wash - 45L





Pressurised portable 45 litre tank.

Eye and body wash.

Includes a fixed, mounted eye wash push hand operated and a drench hose, aerated single stream, hand lever activated.

*NOTE: This item may require additional freight charges

Clarification of AS4775 compliance for the SE590A-45 L.

Risk assessment will determine the selection process based  on the following sections of AS4775.


The eye wash component will operate for 15 minutes at 1.5 litres per minute in accordance with Section: 7.1.


AS4775 Emergency eyewash and shower equipment


Section: 7            Plumbed and Self Contained Eye Wash Equipment

7.1          Performance of plumbed and self-contained eye wash units


A means shall be provided to ensure that a controlled flow of flushing fluid is provided to both eyes simultaneously at a velocity low enough to be non-injurious to the user.

When activated plumbed and self-contained eye wash equipment shall deliver flushing fluid to the eyes at a flow rate not less than 1.5 L/min for a minimum of 15 minutes.



Section 11 Supplemental Equipment

11.1       General

The supplemental equipment listed below shall provide immediate flushing to support plumbed and self-contained equipment but shall not replace them.

11.2        Personal wash units

11.2.1    Performance of personal units

Personal wash units shall have the capacity to deliver immediate flushing without being injurious to the user. See Paragraph F6. Personal wash units do not meet the criteria of plumbed or self-contained eyewash. See Paragraph F1

Instructions and flushing fluid expiration date shall be permanently affixed to the unit.


Appendix F

Selection and Safety Considerations:


F1           Personal Eyewash Units


The first seconds following an eye injury are often critical to keeping eye injury to a minimum. A personal eye wash may be kept in the immediate vicinity of employees working in a potentially hazardous area. The main purpose of these units is to supply immediate flushing. With this accomplished, the injured individual should then proceed to a plumbed or self-contained eye wash and flush the eyes for the required 15 minutes. 

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