There is always going to be new sites were workers will require an Eyewash or Drench Hose setup, however the won't be any plumbed water supply. A good option until the water comes (which may never occur) if your worksite is continually moving is to get a portable Speakman Emergency Eye wash and Drench hose. This unit can come in a 45 or 106 L cylinder tank. Ensure you complete your risk assessment to confirm these will be suitable for your particular site. If you do require these units then you will also probably need some Anti Microbial Eyewash water preserver. The water preserver comes in a 4 pack. Each 225 ml bottle makes 80 L of water last 4 months without changing. Below is a link to the Data sheet on the Speakman Portable Eyewash and Drench Hose SE590A-45 L. Portable Safety Eye wash SE 590A - 45 IOM Data Sheet