Safety should always be the number one priority in any company but especially for those businesses that handle chemicals and pollutants. Eye wash stations can be mandatory in certain areas and must be located at convenient points based on the size of the working area as well as the number of personnel working per shift. The type and design of the station can be decided by the safety manager but it must be easy to use and in working order at all times. One of the most thorough resources to have on hand is the Speakman Safety Shower because it allows you to operate using your hands and feet and can wash/rinse down the entire body at one time. This could be used for emergencies that involve more than just the eyes and is more complete in what it covers but has the flexibility to turn the separate operations On and Off as necessary. The above pull handle and foot pedal allow the user to manipulate however they need based on the variety of circumstances. The power of the eye wash is set to the minimum standard and is considered effective but gentle enough on the sensitive areas that it is applied to. There is also no bowl wash as part of the stand to capture the water. The investment in Speakman safety shower systems is definitely worth the cost since, in the event of an incident, the company can be fined by the regulatory agencies as well as being open to civil suits from the family members. While you are shopping for this you can also check out the other great safety measures that can be used in conjunction such as safety suits, protective eye wear, breathing masks and any other tools that can make your work environment a safer place for all your employees.