Recent statistics have found that Australians are 9 times more likely to be injured at home rather than at work, yet the majority of Australians dive into DIY projects with little to none safety training or awareness of the risks associated. General rule of thumb if you are completing a DIY project:- Consider what you saw a professional wearing when aiming to complete the same task. eg. Did you see a tree lopper up a tree in a pair of shorts and thongs OR was he wearing long sleeves, safety harness, safety glasses/goggles, helmet and gloves. Then you can start to think of the risks and why he was wearing these goods and seriously consider if you require professional (tradepersons) help or just more information. There are a number of factors contributing to an increase in DIY injury. This following infographic presents an overview of DIY Injury statistics and their increase across Australia over the past decade.
DIY Safety Equipment Statistics showing the major contributors of increase DIY injuries
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