Here is a quick video that displays how to quickly and easily put on the Scott Safety Flite Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus. This video will demonstrate how to:-
  1. put on,
  2. adjust,
  3. complete fit test to confirm seal is working,
  4. Connecting and disconnecting from airline to escape configuration, and
  5. Removal of the Flite escape breathing apparatus.
The Flite unit is available in 10 and 15 min escape breathing apparatus kits. These kits come with a unique cuboid hood with elastomeric neck seal for easy donning and excellent visibility. The hood design enables it to be worn by those with beards or glasses. The flite can also be worn with:-
  1. Promask LQF Full face mask, or.
  2. Vision 3 LQF full face mask as shown in the video below.
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