Filter Spec Pro Goggle 3 in 1 unit Filter Spec Pro Goggle 3 in 1 unit
Below are some frequently asked questions about the Filter Spec Pro Goggle that is helpful when you are deciding if this 3 in 1 combination unit is the right one for you.
Todd @ BIG Safety: Hi how can I help you?
Visitor 33158965: I am looking at purchasing the filter spec pro goggle/mas and want to know is it all in one piece and do you sell peplacement filters for it
Visitor 33158965: SKU:EYFSPG $29.95
Todd @ BIG Safety: Yes it comes together as one piece, but can be worn in 3 seperate configurations. We also sell replacement filters.
Todd @ BIG Safety:
Visitor 33158965: how much are the replacement filters- how do they come ie. in packs or singular and also with this mask what actually sits against your face ie rubber fabric or what?
Todd @ BIG Safety: They come in packs of 10 replacement filters and you receive 3 included with the original mask. The fabric of the filter is against your face creating the seal
Visitor 33158965: Also is there any specs on how much dust it keeps out?
Todd @ BIG Safety: The replacement filters are $29.95 per pack of 10
Visitor 33158965: what sits against your face?
Todd @ BIG Safety: It is rated to P2 or N95 plus it filters out organic vapours.
Visitor 33158965: my friend has COPD and infasemia and wants to cut grass on the ride on and get out on the tractor- do you recommend this type of mask to do the job?
Visitor 33158965: Dunno what organic vapours are- sorry
Todd @ BIG Safety: The fabric of the filter is against your face creating the seal and the rim of the goggles is around the eyes
Todd @ BIG Safety: For lawn mowing the main issue he will have is dust particles which the P2 is rated to prevent being inhaled. P2 is the same mask used to protect against asbestos & bird flu
Visitor 33158965: This sounds really good- do the glasses part fog up?
Todd @ BIG Safety: The unit was designed to illiminate fogging of the goggles since they sit together as one unit.
Visitor 33158965: can I ring you to order and pay by credit card for one of these or can u ring me Whatever please
Todd @ BIG Safety: Yep no problem our phone number is 02 9481 4555 or I can call you if you like?
Visitor 33158965: I will ring that number now and who shall I ask for?
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