Safety should always be the number one concern in industrial applications. This means understanding the risks, the pollutants and the precautions that need to be taken based on what you are doing and the length of time it will take you to finish. Anytime you are painting, using harsh chemicals, around fibrous material that sheds or any other type of material that can get inside your lungs, you should always use a mask. The simplest form is the dust mask that will block dust particles but does not require electrical or extra equipment. It simply slides around the head with an elastic strap, fits over the nose and mouth in one piece and has a simple application and removal with easy disposal. The cost of the dusk mask is usually very affordable for purchases. For bigger projects and harsher elements you may need protection that works at a higher level providing oxygen and uses a respirator. This can be expensive and is usually reserved for professionals who need this on a regular basis as part of their job. You want to purchase any of these items through a reputable dealer that specializes in this type of equipment and guarantees the quality of their product because the health risk of poor equipment could be irreversible and you do not want to take a chance. The right company will provide a variety of options for half and full face and from basic to complex that will meet any type of situation and give you a breakdown of the specifications and dimensions. There should never be a reason to sacrifice the quality of air protection gear for price because it will always cost more in the long run. Safety of workers is top concern in industrial applications and you need to take all appropriate steps to ensure it. This is something you simply cannot make a compromise on.